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"Moose Night At Perris Auto Speedway"

"Moose Night At Perris Auto...

For all of us that are avid sprint car fans, it is our desire and wish that we introduce as many people as we can to the sport that we are so passionate about. With that in mind every year we at Moose Racing host a " Huntington Beach Glass/Moose Night at Perris Auto Speedway. We contact friends that have shown an interest in attending, but never had and organize a night of fun, celebration and support for our driver and team. This year the interest in the team and Jake's...more
USAC Western 360 Debut For the Moosemobile

USAC Western 360 Debut For the...

Really, you want The Moose Rig at the track at what time? And, the pit gate doesn't open until 12? Really, you are kidding us!! WIth the length of the Moose Rig, and pit space being so limited, it was requested that we arrive about 8 am being the first rig in line ensuring easier access to pit parking. The alarm clock blared at 4:45 and the rig with birthday boy, Jim, Tom & Laurie was on the road by 6. A traffic free highway let the rig travel up the coast without hassle and...more