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Back Home At Perris Auto Speedway

Back Home At Perris Auto Speedway

Seemed like one of the shortest weeks ever. Arriving home from the USAC/CRA California Swing about 2:30 am Sunday, the crew meet back at the shop before the alarm clock blared about 10 am to clean up after a week and 1/2 on the road, and to prep cars for Saturday September 13ths race. Yikes, the season only has like 24 races in it for the year and they'll cram 6 races in a row!! Kinda crazy.... Asides from most of the teams in the pits being in the same "dragging" state as the...more
Last Race Of The USAC/CRA California Swing

Last Race Of The USAC/CRA...

It's been a long week and half, but a blast at the same time!! For Tom and the entire Moose Crew, it's been a lot of work.... and you wouldn't believe this, the crew actually thanked The Moose's for letting them be a part of this amazing trip!! Are they NUTS??!!! A better then expected field of cars rolled into Santa Maria Speedway, 26 cars, which made the USAC Promoter,Chris a very happy man. From the looks in the stands, his massive amount of advertising on tv, radio and...more