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REALLY!! What's it gonna take!!!

REALLY!!  What's it gonna take!!!

With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees at "The Pas" 25 cars checked in to do battle at the 1/2 mile clay track.
The clocks ticks off 2 rounds of qualifying and Austin places the Lucas Oil 92 Moose Racing92 sprinter 3rd quick!! The USAC officials plot out the line ups for the 3 heat races - Austin will take on the 8 car field starting from the 6th position. By the skin of his teeth Austin avoided the polesitter who got completely out of shape, Austin took the Huntington Beach Glass sprinter to the lead in the Saldana/Butler Built heat race and took the crossed sticks in 1st.
For the 2nd race in a row, Perris Auto speedway has started letting fans down the the front straightway during intermission where the drivers and cars would great them. Hero cards, t-shirts and candy for all makes for a great experiance for all the race fans.
Main Event: Austin starts inside row 3 in 5th. The 92 was on a rail as Austin continued his pursuit to the front - running 2nd to The Demon, a yellow flew and Austin took the restart to his advantage and to many fans delight took the lead!! It was a back and forth event with Austin & Damion, when a lap car who had been running low, decided to move up right in front and Austin and as the 92 & 4 got all out of shape trying to avoid him, Austin spun....!!! Heartbreak for Austin and the entire Moose Crew!! With no damage to the 92, and now tailing the rear, within those final laps, Austin, with a head of steam, worked his way back to 6th!!!!
If you haven't already signed up for Floracing.com, you gotta get it. You can watch all the action live or the replays the following day,

Article Credit: Awesome Shot: Courtesy of Scott Sheldon

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REALLY!!  What's it gonna take!!!
REALLY!!  What's it gonna take!!!
REALLY!!  What's it gonna take!!!