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Moose Racing's Oil Of Choice - Lucas Oil

Moose Racing's Oil Of Choice - Lucas Oil

Moose Racing considers it a privilege and an honor to welcome Lucas Oil to the Moose Racing family. Lucas Oil is the industry leader in products and motorsports. Weither your needs are for racing or your weekly driver, make sure to check out the superb Lucas OIl Products
Austin Williams Hunts Down Moose Racing

Austin Williams Hunts Down Moose Racing

Everyone at Moose Racing is excited to welcome Austin WIllams to the MOose Family -- more exciting news to come soon
Welcome Lucas OIl Centers

Welcome Lucas OIl Centers

Yippie!! Kick your heels up kinda Yippie!!! It is with excitement that Moose Racing will be representing Lucas Oil Centers Indiana Sprint Week!!! Bill, a long time friend and former sprint car driver himself moved to Indiana many years ago leaving his hometown of Ventura Ca. Although not physically “ racing” anymore Bill still stayed connected to...more
Literally The Excitement Is " OFF THE GROUND

Literally The Excitement Is " OFF THE GROUND...

The excitement around The Moose Shop is literally “ off the ground!!” Jake and the Moose Team prepare to make their dream a reality by attending USAC’s Indiana Sprint Week in July!!! It takes a lot of time, energy, dedication and money to make this vision a reality and this group of Moose’s are striving to make this dream come true by reaching...more
410's Battle At The Beach

410's Battle At The Beach

There's always a love/hate relationship with Ventura Speedway. Being able to enjoy the beauty of the ocean, the sea breeze, the wind para sailers and just the calmness it offers -- but then the peaceful atmosphere fades as the 1st 410 USAC/CRA sprinter fires! The race was dedicated to Dave Adhair, former track flagman and friend to so many who...more
Excited To Reintroduce " Light Up The World B

Excited To Reintroduce " Light Up The World B...

We are so excited to again partner with Daren at Light Up The World Beverages for this 2018 USAC/CRA season. Light up the world one bottle at a time! Any bottle for any event! Design your own label, or have their awesome team create one for you. Check them out at www.lightuptheworld.com
It's A Wrap On The  2017 USAC Season

It's A Wrap On The 2017 USAC Season

The 2017 season Is finally in the books. And for Jake and The Moose Team, the ending chapter turned out pretty darn well.. A season of a mixed schedule between 360’s and 410’s made the year very busy and resulting in Great overall USAC 360 & USAC/CRA Championship Points. Jake in a combined effort between driving the Moose Racing 92, The Matt...more

Kudos To Butler Built Containment Seats

Kudos To Butler Built Containment Seats

It's time for a huge THANK YOU to Butler Built Seats for manufacturing a containment seat that sure saved Jake from serious injuries!! After a tangle in the Main Event with one of Jake's best buddies, Brody's left front wheel ended up inside the cage of the Moosemobile - Jake was pinned in the car and was attended to by the track personal and...more
What a Night

What a Night

When the garage door closed on Sunday June 3rd, the decision had been made that the Moose Team wouldn’t make the trip up along the coast to the USAC West Coast 360 race at Santa Maria. But when you leave Laurie alone with her thoughts anything can happen. By Sunday evening all Plans had changed and Chris, Jake and Tom worked to get the 360...more